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To find out your current property value click "contact" at the top of the page and include the 12 digit tax assessment number or just put in the name of the person your tax bill goes to. I will contact you shortly with your property value.
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As you may know there are many factors that go into play in determining the value of real estate, whether its a house in Redding or a 40 acre parcel in the Trinity Alps Preserve in the Igo / Ono area of Shasta County. Both will have unique attributes affecting the value of the property. The attributes affecting land will naturally differ some from the values of houses. The Shasta County real estate market is of course affected by the national economy of jobs, interest rates, and national news as well as local trends.

For land values some of the key elements affecting value are location; being in an area of stability, development, and good environment factors like a good supply of water, public utilities, etc. Some good examples of this would be the areas around Shingletown, Palo Cedro, Millville, Lakehead, Bella Vista, Whitmore, Anderson, Cottonwood and of course Redding. Off the grid properties can also hold significant values in these areas as well. Creeks, springs and ponds are of particular interest to buyers do to the heat of the Redding climate and for the attraction of Shasta County wildlife.

House values are affected by uniformity, age, condition, and location. All else being equal, subdivisions tend to hold values better than areas where there are no CCR'S. (conditions and restrictions) These restrictions help to assure that "odd" things are not done to a house or area to bring the person's house next door down in value. Older homes are generally worth less than a new home if all else is equal. This lends itself to the condition and useful life left in a home. A remodel can bring the value up significantly to an older house, since most of it will be new again. Location is always important in terms of value. The smallest house in a subdivision is usually the best buy since the bigger houses around it have helped to bring up the value.

To get an accurate value of Shasta County land, cabin, or home, a value assessment must be performed, and in my opinion by a Redding or Shasta County Realtor who specializes in that particular location. Mountain Valley Real Estate specializes in all of Shasta County in these incorporated and unincorporated towns, Redding, Anderson, Palo Cedro, Cottonwood, Igo, Ono, Lakehead, Oak Run, Round Mountain, Shingletown, Whiskeytown, Bella Vista, Whitmore, and Millville.


We are happy to provide SOLD HOME DATA to our clients! As a sample, put in your own zip code to see how it works!

Information can also be sent to your email address upon request. Please email me with any comments or questions you may have about this free service!
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